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Fresh Choice Market (Orlando, FL)

Publix, where shopping is a (pricey) pleasure. Wal-Mart, where shopping is a (penny-pincher’s) plight.

Fresh Choice Market, where shopping is (perfectly) perfect.

Mother and father Pappas (Timothy’s folks) gave this sweet little market a go shortly after its grand opening in November 2011. I recall Timothy and I driving by the store front and saying, “That looks really cute! Too bad it’s probably out the roof expensive.” You must understand, I’m a 26 year old Golden Girl. I clip coupons for fun and grow unabashedly giddy over “Buy One Get One” deals (Timothy does too). So, expensive groceries are NOT my jam.

Good thing Fresh Choice Market lives true to not only its self-proclaimed freshness, but to strong family values and ridiculously low prices. 5 limes for a buck? Yes, please. Cucumbers the size of baseball bats? I dig it.

Nearly all of the produce is local. The meat is freshly sliced and neatly packed by the in-house butcher. The staff is warm-hearted and genuinely concerned about the customer’s needs (in April, the butcher offered to specially order us lamb for our Greek Easter dinner). The majority of the distributed merchandise would fall under the ethnic category. I used to shirk at the idea of questionable foreign food. I quickly realized my foolishness when the store owner introduced us to Chicharron De Harina (Google it) and then proceeded to give us a bag for free.

This isn’t a place for those in search of brand-specific, you-can-buy-this-everywhere types of food. This also isn’t a pretentious grocer boasting free range chicken, unpronounceable craft beers and vegan-y patties of lentil and mushroom. It’s a brilliantly clean, delicious, and basic market.

Places like these are far and few between. Visit them. Let them serve you. Keep local service alive (even in touristy places like Orlando). 🙂

Fresh Choice Market is located at 10249 S. John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL. Check them out at

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