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Manifood Destiny

So, here it is, folks: Our very first food blog.

We’ve talked about doing this upwards of a year or so but never got around to it (like ya do). For months on end, we’ve had grandiose dreams of encapsulating our culinary ventures in photos and Bourdain-esque critiques while shortly thereafter, being catapulted into our local food community as brilliant connoisseurs with highly refined palates and delicious personalities.

NOT! (Obligatory Wayne’s World Quote)

The gist is: we’re getting married in less than two months. We are poor. We like to eat. We entertain but we are not famous. Thus, we are sitting here on our old Macbook (that the Apple store is now calling “vintage” on account of its being older than six) poking at the keys in hopes that you’ll read about local eateries (which will sometimes include the confines of our apartment kitchen) and then go out and have a tasty…or not so tasty time there as we did. But don’t come over to our place. You aren’t invited, unless you comment. Even then, you aren’t invited because you are a stranger. No offense.

Please comment, all strangers… from sea to shining sea.


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